26 Oct

I was reading another blog today about price, quality and service. 

We as process servers try to offer all 3 but can you get all 3? As a general rule I would say yes, but there are exceptions. Let’s take for example, food.  You can go to McDonald’s for price and get a McDouble for $1.00; however you may or may not get good service. If you want quality, you can go to Five Guys. If you want service and quality, you can get a burger from Red-Robin.

Let’s look at these three factors in the process serving industry. 

Price: Nationwide when we have to outsource papers, we find rates on average run $50-100. The rates offered at Statewide Process Servers, $35- $50 for a serve.  Many feel, including myself, that some companies are ruining the industry and under valuing our services. I have seen many companies offering a NO SERVE, NO PAY.  Why would you be okay with not paying someone for work they have done? In my opinion, this should be against the law to even offer. You should be using a company that is paying they’re employees. Do your clients ask if you don’t win can I get a freebie on this? Your time basically does not matter. We have our costs, gas, pay to servers, office, supplies etc. Each company has to look at what their overhead is and choose what they need to charge on a serve to stay profitable. We understand the more papers we can get in an area the lower the cost per job will be for us, through volume we can offer better rates to clients. 

Quality: What determines quality in process serving? I think the key areas clients look at are: 

  • Is the server trained to know the laws?
  • How long it takes to get a paper served?
  • How soon they are aware service has been made?
  • How long an affidavit takes to get back to the client?

 While the determination to perfect these areas takes time and is continual, we do take steps to control this. Technology, training and guidelines have helped us.  We pride ourselves to stay updated on the New Jersey Process Serving laws and requirements.  Most times a paper can be served on the first attempt which is made within 24 to 48 hours. APS tries to be as quick as possible when it comes to service which is based on whether someone is home or not. We make attempts in various time frames to determine when someone will or will not be home. Once service is completed, we update our client immediately and have an affidavit sent to them via email within 24 hours. 

Service: In an industry where we literally “serve” what type of service are our clients looking for? I think the bottom line is they want their papers handled fast, efficiently, and they want it communicated to them how they like.   What can you expect from Assurance Process Service? Every client is different. We do what the clients wants us to do.  Every client likes to communicate in their own preferred way, some want a call when a paper is served, others an e-mail. We are available when you need us, whether it’s through e-mail, text, or a phone call we try to answer and respond immediately. Some clients want you to serve a document even if the person we are serving is hostile, while another client would not want us to serve. Some clients want us to post documents after so many attempts, while others do not. Each client is unique and we try to do what each client would want us to do, which is why we always communicate with our clients if there are any issues. Communication is critical in relationships, personal or business and we want to communicate in a way that our clients like.

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