27 Sep

Legal matters experience a better outcome through the hiring of a professional process server. Additionally, you’ll experience less frustration as well as time savings.

4 Reasons to Hire a Process Server to Handle Legal Documents

1. Licensing for Process Servers Certain state requirements enforce a license for process servers for individuals serving legal documentation. Professional process servers can gain this status through background checks, education, training, and other state requirements. These certifications set process servers apart from other legal document delivery services. 

2. Knowledge of Laws Unless you’re a process server, you may not know the state laws governing who is allowed to serve documents, where service can occur, and when it’s appropriate to do so. There are situations under the law constituting trespassing and harassment, too, that process servers know how to avoid. One example includes the avoidance of process serving on certain holidays, as well as on Sundays. It’s difficult to research every state and federal law applicable to process serving. Therefore, it makes better sense to utilize a professional who has received the appropriate training and will act lawfully. Should your documents be served in a way that is a violation of the law, your case could experience delays or complications up to a case dismissal. 

3. Ease of Process Serving Serving documents is not always an easy task. The individual who must receive the documents may be difficult to find due to a move; they travel on the road frequently, or they want to remain lost. Some individuals attempt to evade service of documentation by any means even when they are found. Often, this means dealing with an angry person. However, professional process servers know how to locate these difficult people and adequately diffuse situations that become heated.

4. Proof of Service When you hire a professional process server, you receive an affidavit of service. This document is their evidence that the subject was served successfully. This is the document you provide to the courts as verification that the subject received notification of the legal actions taking place. Hire a Professional Process Server from an Established Company Hiring a process server not only ensures your legal documents reaches the other party in a lawful manner but also in a way that is verified. It’s important to provide evidence to the court that the other party has been served and when hiring a professional process server, they’ll find this individual and provide you with an affidavit proving they’ve received papers. If you are in need of a process server, contact Assurance Process Service today!

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