20 Sep

What Duties Does a Process Server Perform?

Many people are unfamiliar with what a process server is and what their daily tasks include. Most likely, you’ve seen a process server at work in a movie or TV show, or even in real life, although you may not have even noticed at the time. Simply stated, a process server is an individual who presents, or “serves,” paperwork to someone who has been subpoenaed or is being sued. They will provide a packet of official court documents from a lawyer that state why and when the person needs to appear in court. 

While working for Assurance Process Service, LLC may seem like a pretty easy job, it can actually be a very grueling process. It may take quite some time to track down the right person and then get them to confirm their identity and receive the paperwork. Sometimes the person knows they are going to be sued and will do their best to avoid the process server in hopes that this will make the court case go away. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and avoiding a process server will only complicate and delay the inevitable court process, so if you are going to be served, it’s best to cooperate and receive the papers that are being served to you. 

Process Serving is an Important Legal Job

Process Servers are an important part of the legal system. Their responsibilities are part of the due process of the law, which indicates that a person who is accused has the right to know what legal actions he or she is being accused of, and to have adequate time to hire a lawyer, if they choose to. A process server fills a gap in the legal system so that lawyers and their teams have time to focus on building a case instead of having to track people down – often, they must search for people who are difficult to find or don’t want to be found. When a process server delivers the paperwork to all of the people involved in a court case, they must be aware of the local laws that govern proper process serving. Each state has its own regulations about how the documents must be served, in what time frame, how they need to be received and signed for, and what process the server can legally follow. For example, a process server cannot impersonate a police officer, leave paperwork in a mailbox, or trespass on someone’s property.

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