Foreclosures are a very specialized type of practice area that requires the same specialized support. After dealing with thousands of foreclosures, our staff has the knowledge to make sure each and every aspect of our services are fully compliant and will stand up in court.

Process Service

When it comes to service, foreclosure rules are very different than any other type. Choosing the right process server is important. Not only do services need to be made in accordance with the courts rules, but it’s necessary to keep service providers satisfied, both in terms of compliance and case timelines.

We offer a number of foreclosure services including:

  • Obtaining current address of owner
  • Photographs of property
  • Verifying military status
  • Verifying occupants/tenants and rental amounts of property
  • Verifying house condition with physical outer inspection of home

Property Inspections

Our trained professionals provide in-depth reports for all property/occupant inspections within New Jersey. Above and beyond traditional property/occupancy inspections we also offer Vacant and Abandoned Inspections.

Our vacant and abandoned inspections include:

  • Pictures of property and all indications of abandonment
  • 72 hour follow up as per rules
  • Signed and notarized certification of vacant and abandoned property for an order or verified complaint
  • Clear, concise report in compliance with court mandates